Boxes is a place for all your stuff. We're in a unique position to change the way people interact with and organize their collections. As part of our mission we showcase and write about amazing people and their collections from all across the United States. 

Boxes commissions photography to highlight each collector or business for our articles. We work with photographers that have experience working with natural light and preferably have a portfolio (online) of interior work to share. We will consider applicants with exceptional experience in other types of photography, provided the portfolio showcases professional skills in composition, lighting and technique. 

Photographers are retained as independent contractors. Assignments cover a localized region and generally involve travel within a 30 mile radius of a photographer's location. As a freelance photographer, you are free to take on assignments from other companies, as long as they are not direct competitors.

If you’re interested, let us know a little bit about yourself and provide us with at least 3 high resolution, original interior photographs or provide a link to some of your photos or website.

About Boxes

Boxes is a home for collectors and a place to keep your collections with you always, organized and searchable. You can find great collections owned by others and socialize with a community of people that share your interests.

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