12" Clive Barker's Tortured Souls • Venal Anatomica

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Venal Anatomica: The Hunter of Primordium

A modern day Frankenstein, Venal Anatomica is a nightmarish ugly monster, a mixture of machine and humans, many humans, pieced together into one as an assassin created not in the beauty of God by Agonistes, but under the pain of technology by Talisac. Its bottom half has long legs bound in leather and straps, with a little flesh showing that has been torn open by gaping metal pieces, still bleeding. The upper body is clothed in a leather bodice that leaves parts of the chest showing, revealing the flesh stitched together. Anatomica's arms are covered in wounds and metallic pieces to be used as weapons; his left arm a mess, a long cut running from the top of the shoulder down to the wrist, with various metal nails sticking out as well as an enormous blade at the top of the shoulder. His wrist is covered in an adornment of metal hook - the other wrist is suited with an enormous hook weapon (with a mousetrap-like attachment) and a spiked ball on a chain. The top of the shoulder has a chain extending from it to his head where it attaches to an enormous spike that goes through the top of his head to the bottom, through his chin. The head is perhaps the most notable of his entire body - the bottom half is a disfigured face with a creepy, bloody grin; the top half is an ugly skull, still covered in muscle and tissue fragments, with dead eyes staring out. A translucent "skull-cap" fits over this part of his face thus hiding it, but it is removed as an accessory and hangs from his shoulder.

As an assassin, a monster who kills at its master's command, it has several weapons. Firstly, the hooks embedded in its left hand, and the hook-device strapped to its right and the spiked ball and chain that hangs from it. Secondly, it has a two weapons hanging from its belt - one is another spike/scythe, and the other is more disturbing - a spiked metal phallus.

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44 0 1


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