Angel: After The Fall #14 (2008) CVR A

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From the 'After The Fall' story arc.

Synopsis (contains spoilers):
A new demon army arrives in Los Angeles and takes Angel's body so that Angel can be resurrected to fulfill the prophecy. The source of Spike's own seemingly impossible resurrection is revealed as a five-minute time reset used by Gunn to train his vampires against Slayers. Groosalugg and his black pegasus, also named Cordelia, slay many of Wolfram & Hart's dragons. Despite being interrupted by the demon army, Gunn manages to successfully restore Illyria to her original demonic form, with the intent of using her fully restored powers to rewind time to before the Fall permanently. However, George looks within Illyria's mind: her frustration at being unable to create order leads her to decide to wholly collapse time - and with it, all existence.

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100 0 1


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