Raiden トランスフォーマー

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The Trainbots (トレインボット Toreinbotto) are an Autobot subgroup that transform into trains. Having been constructed in Japan, they consider the country to be their homeland, even going so far as to adopt Japanese names, which is unusual for Transformers. Due to this love for their "birthplace", the Trainbots feel a powerful sense of burning justice toward the country, its people, and its culture.
The Trainbots consist of:
Getsuei, the sluggish stealth expert.
Kaen, the hot-running powerhouse.
Seizan, the rugged mountain-climber.
Shouki, the brash but speedy leader.
Suiken, the brainy strategist.
Yukikaze, the icy cold weather operative.
They combine to form the super robot train, Raiden.

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