DC New 52 Green Lantern Vol. 1 Sinestro Graphic Novel

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#GreenLanternSinestro, collecting issues 1-6, brings together the superstar creative team of #GeoffJohns (#JusticeLeague) and #DougMahnke (#FinalCrisis) to launch a startling new beginning of #HalJordan and #GreenLanternCorp!

The greatest #GreenLantern is back in action... And his name is #Sinestro!

Hal Jordan is a washed out pilot, considered too unstable to be allowed into a plane. Now, Hal is being given the chance to soar once more by rejoining the intergalactic Green Lantern Corps, the most powerful peacekeepers in the cosmos.

There's just one catch.

The Green Lantern ring is coming from Sinestro, one of the greatest villains the universe has ever known and a controversial addition to the Corps, to say the least. If Hal accepts Sinestro's offer, it means accepting Sinestro's terms... and that means rescuing the rogue Lantern's home planet from the evil army of murderers that Sinestro himself assembled!

Will Hal Jordan make a deal with the devil for a chance at redemption? Will these two sworn enemies be able to work together with lives on the line, or will this unlikeliest of team ups result in disaster for all involved?

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such a great storyline, man I love this graphic novel


hmmm intriguing

52 1 1


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