Lexx Seasons 1-3 (My Fav Sci Fi Show)

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I unashamedly admit that this is my favourite sci fi TV show, ahead of Farscape, Firefly and even Original Trek. Those shows might have the better budgets and technically better in quality, but Lexx has a certain charm and dark humour about it, with characters that make it hard to resist.

Season 1 is basically 4 feature length movies, with episode 1 being an exceptionally good pilot for a sci fi TV show, especially for the 90's. Zev (a sex slave), Stanley Tweedle (cowardly traitor), Kai (undead assassin and last of his race) and 790 (a robot head who is in love with Zev), escape an evil Empire in the living ship The Lexx and seek a new home.

Season 2, is more episodic in nature and shorter in terms of episode length, but the longest of the 3 seasons. Structurally it watches like a traditional sci fi show in the vein of Farscape, with an over-arching story which reaches a satisfyingly cataclysmic end.

Season 3 follows on from the event at the end of Season 2, with the motley crew discovering a mysterious twin planet system called Fire and Water, ruled over by the enigmatic Prince. Season 3 is utterly different than the previous seasons in that it is set in one place and is one complete story cut into several episodes.

Season 4 I didn't included because it is pretty poor so I got rid of the dvds.

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323 0 4


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