Birdie Bridal Fascinator Head Piece

101 Spruce St Denver, CO
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Always a Bridesmaid? NOT in this hat. Adorns any size head and will be a conversation piece while being worn or as a centerpiece in your house. THE MANNEQUIN HEAD AND HER GREEN WIG CAN BE ADDED FOR $100. I piled up and painted vintage birds. Touch of glitter. Lots of dyed coque feathers for drama. Each bird has expensive, vintage hand blown glass eyes from Germany in various sizes and colours. Tool and bridal veiling dyed by myself and attached to the back with blue rooster feathers. Vintage baseball pins and pearls sewn to the front. A One Of A Kind Original.
Enjoy ~ Paul
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@isaactate thank ya


Really cool!!

26 2 0


101 Spruce St
Denver, CO


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