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2180 Shoal Creek Rd Buford, GA
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These are some of my collectible T-shirts that are used to make sure that everything was securely cushioned inside the box. These T-shirts include four corners T-shirt got on the cross country road trip with Jonathan foursquare T-shirt that I got from foursquare before it's changed apps and another foursquare T-shirt that looks like a mayor Also shadow boxers band T-shirt and my original T-shirt that I got as a gift from aunt Michelle for greenlight consulting or green light productions. Foursquare #GreenLightProductions #Amir #Cat #T-Shirts #Collectibles #ShuttleBoxers #FourCorners #CrossCountry #RoadTrip #Keepsakes

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2180 Shoal Creek Rd
Buford, GA


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