The Original Golf Memory Swing

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The Original Golf Memory Swing allows you to feel the perfect swing and repeat until it is duplicated without the device, creating muscle memory. The golf swing is a body motion, you have to first "feel" to understand. It is impossible to duplicate a correct golf swing when you haven't felt one before. Beginner, amateur and even novice golfers cannot identify with the verbal or visual golf instruction until they have "felt" the proper swing motion. The only way to learn a proper golf swing is by repeating the next to perfect motion until you learn how the perfect swing “feels.” You will actually have a distinct feeling in a swing change in 10 swings or less with the Memory Swing.

Creates muscle memory of the perfect swing
Adjusts for height and body size
Guides the golf club along the proper swing plane
Teaches a perfect transition from the top of the back swing to impact
Provides instant feedback for every correct and incorrect motion
Increased Power, Distance, Control and Balance
The Memory swing strengthens the specific muscles needed to perform a correct golf swing resulting in increased power and distance, more control and consistency and better balance. The swing aide promotes proper tempo and clean and crisp ball striking. As an added bonus, if used often enough you can even lose weight and inches off your mid-section because of the constant rotation of your body at such high swing speed.

Learn the Art of Putting
The Memory Swing is also capable of teaching the proper swing mechanics for putting and the proper swing plane that it takes to prevent pushing and pulling your putts. It keeps the body vertically aligned, eliminating swaying, dipping, sliding and reverse pivoting, relaxing joints and your lower back. It isolates golf muscles and through continued use, strengthens and conditions the entire body.

Price 49$

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120–298 Golden Rod Ln
Henrietta, NY


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