Creepy 100 Ballerinas Sun Bonnet

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From my collection of wearable assemblage sculpture head pieces I offer to you The 100 Ballerinas Sun Bonnet. I really wanted to do a nice 'creep factor' on this traditional hat. The straw bonnet I simply found at a thrift store and then painted it. I topped it with an old pin cushion and then attached a vintage doll head. Before I attached the head, I poked out her eyes and moved them to the outside of her face for a glaucoma effect. I used acrylics and oil pastels for her makeup. The eyes already had small holes in the sides from the mechanical parts inside, so I stuck some coque feathers into the holes to double as lashes. Then, with industrial strength epoxy, I attached 100 plastic ballerinas to the head (a very frustrating and time consuming process). But it worked out just as I had envisioned. Lastly I added vintage glass eyes from Germany and tiny yellow roses to the brim and set it off with a mixture of feathers that I worked into an accent spray. You can see some of my other hats in my "Moschell Hats Box" here in my Boxes attic.
Honestly the beauty of this hat is that it can shield you from the sun's damaging rays whilst at the same time scarring the shit out of people.
Enjoy ~ Paul
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Nice. How long did it take you?


Haha! This is awesome!

52 2 1


152 Spruce St
Denver, CO


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