Batman Returns Press Kit

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This is a complete press kit for the 1992 Batman Returns film.

This will have been given to the press during their screening to use for press reviews and write ups.

It comes in its original envelope and contains the following

1. Press folder with snow globe in the front cover.
2. 10 black & white press photos.
3. Copy of the reductions notes for the film.
4. Exhibitors campaign book.
5. Synopsis leaflet.
6. Copy of the Tim Burton interview in Time International
7. Copy of write up of the film in Newsweek.

A rare find in this condition and completeness and a great addition to my Batman collection.

I will post the press photos separately.

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@stoner Oooh sweet.­čś│


@lilboz44 thanks one of my prized pieces of my collection.


@stoner this is so cool!!! The folder it comes in is so awesome! Great find ­čĹĆ­čĆ╗

300 2 4


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