The Amazing Spider-man #353

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With the cyborg Midnight their first step in creating an army of super-agents, the Secret Empire send him to free Dr. Eliot Franklin from prison to aid in further cyborg creations. As Chris Powell arrives at the police station to pick up the effects of his missing police officer father, Midnight breaks in to break Franklin out. Chris becomes Darkhawk and tackles Midnight. Meanwhile, the Punisher tracks the Secret Empire. Spider-Man, happening by, jumps in to help 'Hawk after seeing Secret Empire troops arriving. Capturing Midnight, the heroes discover he blames Moon Knight for abandoning him. Franklin provides a diversion, allowing Midnight to escape, though Spidey tags him with a spider-tracer. As they depart, Midnight & Franklin send one of the Empire's explosive-filled floating platforms crashing down toward bystanders and Spidey can see no way to stop it.

82 1 2


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