Vision And The Scarlet Witch #2

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Scarlet Witch and Vision embark on a mission to rescue the son of original Whizzer, Robert Frank. Enter Nuklo, a man so dangerous because he understands so little! Plus, a devastating secret about Wanda's parentage!

Robert Frank, the original Whizzer from the World War II team the All-Winners Squad, still believes he is the father of Quicksilver and the Scarlet Witch, although they found out some time ago that he is not their father. Frank has another son, Nuklo, who is dangerously radioactive and socially autistic. Nuklo has been held in a hospital for years, and Frank wants him back, and hopes that the word of the Vision and the Scarlet Witch will help him get custody. The Scarlet Witch, sympathetic to his situation even though she knows they are not related, thinks that perhaps they can bring him to Attilan, where Quicksilver lives, to get better medical attention.

Frank gets custody and they go to pick up Nuklo, but one of his WWII-era enemies, Isbisa, has been working under cover at the hospital, and attacks them. During the battle, he melts the Vision's left arm and the Whizzer is killed after finding out that he is not the father to the Scarlet Witch. Isbisa is ultimately killed and the resulting explosion of radiation cures Nuklo of his powers.

80 0 1


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