Angel: After The Fall #12 (2008) CVR B

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From the 'After The Fall' story arc.

Contains the story "After The Fall, Part 12".

Synopsis (has spoilers):
#Connor and #Spike confront #Gwen on her betrayal. #Wesley is taken from headquarters to the scene of #Angel's impending death, which spurs #Fred's transformation into #Illyria as she approaches the scene of a battle between Gwen and the dragon, whose name is revealed as #Cordelia. On another plane, Angel is reunited with an apparition of Cordelia, meant to ease his transition. Wesley arrives and confronts #Gunn with information from the Senior Partners: the visions are their own, and all they have wrought is part of a larger plan for Angel. He reveals Angel (and Angel alone) is still entitled to the future in the #ShanshuProphecy, and delivers Angel a glimpse of it. Angel sees an image of himself as a vampire surrounded by dozens of dead bodies in the aftermath of an apocalyptic battle. This vision, however, leads Angel to resign himself to death.

#IDW #AfterTheFall #comics #firstprinting

88 0 1


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