X-Men First Class Vol. 1 #6 of 8 (2007)

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Contains the story "The S-Men".

Synopsis (contains spoilers):
The #XMen decide to take some time off and visit a trendy coffee shop in a collegiate community. While there, they watch a televised news broadcast of the X-Men fighting a bunch of escaped giant monsters – which is naturally impossible, since they are the X-Men.

This second group of X-Men is actually an espionage team of shape-shifting alien #Skrulls. They were sent to Earth to evaluate the planet's super-powered community and make a threat assessment. The #SkrullPraetor instructs them to kill the X-Men in order to cut down on the mutant populace.

The real X-Men meanwhile, switch into their costumed identities to round up the last of the remaining super-monsters. During the battle, a giant insectoid creature renders them unconscious with a ray beam from its antennae. The Skrulls have a change of heart, and decide that they do not truly wish to harm these mutants. Instead, they save the X-Men's lives by tackling the creature on their own.

After the battle, the Skrulls return to the #SkrullEmpire where they are admonished for defying orders. They don't really care though, as they have come to really enjoy living the life of an X-Man.

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57 0 0


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