'Hat Pin Girl' - A Watercolour Painting And Nursery Rhyme ~

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This is The Hat Pin Girl - A Portrait - 9 x 11 inches executed with high pigment watercolours on Arches hot press paper.
And here is the poem I wrote for her ...

I met a little Hat Pin Girl
With wondrous stories true.
About her journeys 'round the world
From high a hat top view.

She told me of a cowboy hat
Ten gallons to the sky.
From where she watched a rodeo
And kissed a green horsefly.

She spoke of coffee and croissants
And of a French cafe.
And of a lush parisian life
Upon a red beret.

She praised a fortune cookie hat
That she herself did wear.
When she vacationed in a bun
Wrapped in a geisha's hair.

She sang of stars and crystal balls
And of her fortunes told.
When she was perched high in the turban
Of a gypsy old.

She sang with painted butterflies
At Hotel Easter Bonnet.
A Sunday morning get away
With plastic flowers upon it.

She spoke of her sombrero days
And cactus shaped pinatas .
She raved about fiestas wild
And pink pina coladas.

Where is she now I do not know
Where Hat Pin Girl could be.
Tangled in a mermaids wig
Down deep below the sea?

I'm sure she's somewhere magical
from all the things she said.
Traveling around the world
Atop of someone's head.

~ paul moschell
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I don't know which I like better - the painting or the poem! Both are too awesome!!!


Awesome piece man


@verbaker The original has sold. I have reproduced her as a fine art giclee print on a few occasions though. ­čśŐ


Is she for sale?

64 1 0


7700 E 1st Pl
Denver, CO


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