Toshiba/BDZ5300 Blue ray player (smart)- Brand new

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Toshiba BDX-5300 Smart Bluray player (brand new & never opened. Manufacture details listed below.

Product Description
Toshiba 3D Blu-Ray Player Built In Wifi
From the Manufacturer
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Crystal clear high definition transfer with HDMI cable
(sold separately).
Toshiba BDX5300 Blu-ray Disc™ Player
Get the Best of 3D Blu-ray™ — and All the Def You Deserve
Experience better 3D Blu-ray™ — and life beyond the wire — with Toshiba's BDX5300 3D Blu-ray Disc™ Player, offering built-in Wi-Fi® and streaming, too.

3D movies and games will have you reeling when you see the depth and detail splashed across your big screen in mesmerizing 1080p Full HD. Whether it's 2D or 3D, suddenly, the full drama and richness of every single scene is right there in your home. With clutter-free, built-in Wi-Fi® providing wireless access to your home's network, this Smart Blu-ray™ lets you stream the latest videos from Netflix®, VUDU®, Hulu Plus™ or the latest music from Pandora®, or watch videos from YouTube®. Plus, you can also access dozens of additional media apps from the VUDU® Apps portal.

Or use our Media Share feature to share photos, videos and music from your network, tablet, PC, HDD — even your smart phone. 3D entertainment lovers: it's time to witness the shock, awe and amazing convenience of Toshiba's BDX5300 Blu-ray Disc™ Player.

Learn more about 3D, how it works, and exactly what you'll need to enjoy 3D at home at our .

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Use your tablet PC or other compatible devices as a remote
(tablet PC or other compatible devices sold separately).
Watch 3D Movies
The BDX5300 can play all of the latest movies, whether they are in 2D or more impactful 3D. Enjoy sumptuous HD visuals and sound from all your Blu-ray™ movies. And zap your existing standard-def DVD collection up to near-HD quality.

Wireless Connectivity — Built-In Wi-Fi®
Enjoy convenient in-home wireless connection to your...


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1805 186th Pl SE
Bothell, WA


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