Flash #73

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It's Christmas Eve and Wally West - together with his girlfriend Linda Park - is guest at the home of Jay Garrick, the original Flash. Wally can hardly sit still, so he and Jay put on their costumes and make a little run through the city.

Passing by the two Flashes perform small good deeds here and there until they rescue a pregnant woman from being run over by a car. She is about to give birth and desperately talks about her husband Joey. He was fired from his job and currently finishes his final working hours at Boone's Department Store. The woman named Maria tells Wally and Jay that her husband was not able to find another job and therefore plans to steal money from his current employer. Joey does not want to do it, but he feels he cannot let his family down and, thus, made contact with some bad men who "encouraged" him to rob the store.

While Jay takes care of the medical assistance for Maria, Wally leaves to prevent the robbery. Wally struggles to find Joey in the department store which is filled with people, but then he figures that Joey is the staff member who dressed as Santa Claus.

While Flash is searching for him, Joey already has taken the money from the deposit. Suddenly he is approached by a lost young boy who wants to be sure that Santa Claus fulfills his Christmas wish. Actually, the gift is for his mother who is grieving since his father went into prison. The story reminds Joey that he will become a father as well and he wants to return the money for the sake of being with his family. But he walks right into his "partners" who are not willing to give up the money and have the guns to back up their position. Wally arrives just in time to disarm the gangsters and put them out of action. He sends Joey to the church where his wife Maria successfully gave birth to a child.

A little later, Wally and Jay are back home. Wally has just opened his Christmas gift from Linda when the door bell rings. As they open the door they are shocked to see non other than ... Barry Allen!

62 0 1


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