1940's Winshield.

Minden, NV
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Belonged to a WWII fighter pilot who flew missions over Germany.
From Little Rock, Arkansas. Continued to fly his bi-plane crop duster around Little Rock.
Big Brother to my favorite & only mother-in-law; whom became a lawyer after war 2, and eventually wound up test-firing, inspecting, and studying the rifle that shot Pres. John F. Kennedy.
His conclusion on that commission, was there was certainly more than one shooter. His findings were never made public by him.
His name was Claud Gresham. Attorney out of Texas, & Wash. DC.
Told me this himself on phone one Sunday evening while chatting with his baby sister out in Calif; my wifes mom of course:)
he passed away in his 90's in 2002/3.
Miss our facinating conversations.

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Minden, NV


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