Teddy Ruxpin

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1985 1st edition World of Wonder (I believe). Eyes and mouth move but need a little tlc. Box is 3/10. Books and cassettes incl:
Grunge Music
The Missing Princess
The Airship
Take a Good Look
The Wooly What's-it
Tweeg and the Bounders


@stonecold nice little pick-up from flea markets about 3 years ago. Old dude selling a (strangely large amount of dolls and teddy bears). He had 5 different variants of teddy ruxpin. This one was his oldest and best TR he said "I know it's worth more" but I took it happily for the $30 he was selling it for. These don't come up in the wild in Australia so was stoked.


Blast from the past!!!!

396 3 5


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