Funko Pop! 36 Loki (Hot Topic Exclusive)

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Even though Thor 2 has made its run through theaters and settled on video, #Funko is heading back to #Asgard. 2014 #FunkoPop #Marvel Thor Series 2 is a small expansion of vinyl bobbleheads that reaches deeper into the movie.

Series 2 has four figures. Leading the way is a new version of Loki. He appeared in the original lineup from 2013. This figure, which maintains the same series number, has Thor's baddie brother wearing his trademark helmet.

Other Funko Pop Marvel Thor Series 2 figures include Odin, Lady Sif and Heimdall.

A black-and-white version of Loki is an exclusive at Hot Topic.

2014 Funko Pop Marvel Thor Series 2 Checklist

36 #Loki - with helmet
36 Black and White Loki - with helmet (#HotTopic exclusive)
54 #Odin
55 #Heimdall
56 #LadySif

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very dope Pop


Loki looks awesome as a Pop

143 3 3


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