Buffy The Vampire Slayer - Season Eight #21 (2009)

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Part of the "Predators and Prey" story arc. Issues 21-25

Predators and Prey is the fifth story arc that spreads from the twenty-first to the twenty-fifth issue of the Buffy the Vampire Slayer Season Eight series of comic books, a continuation from the television series of the same name.

Contains the story "Harmonic Divergence".

Synopsis (contains spoilers):
#Harmony tries to work her way into a hot spot night club; after being turned down, she bumps into #AndyDick, who is taken in by her looks. He pulls her into a alley, where they are pursued by paparazzi cameras that catching Harmony feed from Andy. Later, Harmony, in her apartment looking at the photo on her computer, narrates about how it got her famous. The photo was released in tabloids which caused a world-wide stir of interest in vampires. Harmony uses this pop culture buzz to land her own reality TV show with MTV, much to the #Scoobies' shock.

Elsewhere in the city, underneath a billboard ad for the Harmony Bites reality show, a potential #Slayer, #Soledad, is trying to negotiate her way out of a street gang when she is jumped by the other members. Since it is her sixteenth birthday, she is imbued with the powers of the Slayer and turns the tide of the brawl to her favor. Soledad leaves the gang to walk through the city where she watches #Andrew and #Vi's television commercial for girls who have been recently imbued, but have no where to turn, as seen in #TheChain. Rather than call the number as advertised, she figures that she would rather be discovered, where to her surprise, she is approached by #AndrewWells. After talking to #Buffy on the phone, the Slayer figures that joining Buffy and the other girls would just be joining another gang.

#TheSlayer decides to have her gang tattoo covered up and while she is in the parlor Harmony and #Clem show up with the reality show in tow. Soledad approaches the crew about getting on to the show, where they tell her that they will be shooting a party scene later that night and she is welcomed to come. At the party the Slayer has shown up, removed of her stake by security, and waits until Harmony makes her big scene arrival. Lacking her stake, Soledad improvises by breaking a clapboard and using the wooden shard to attack Harmony. Her attack is thwarted by Harmony throwing her Pomeranian at the Slayer; the Slayer recovers but not before Harmony grabs hold of the clapboard shard and impales Soledad with it on live television. Worldwide watchers are shocked and enthralled, propelling the reality show to number two. Harmony's publicists feed news organizations information that the Slayers are really villains, even worse than Nazis. And as #AndersonCooper carries on a interview with Harmony, the world believes it.

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