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Original sketch done by Travis Blaise who was an animator at Walt Disney Animation Studios in Orlando, Florida (now called Premise Entertainment). He is the younger brother of fellow animator, Aaron Blaise.

Size: 17" x 12"
Year: 2004
Media: Graphite Pencil

His credits include:
(1991) Beauty and the Beast (inbetween artist: Beast)
(1992) Aladdin (inbetween artist: Jasmine)
(1993) Trail Mix-Up (animator)
(1994) The Lion King (assistant animator: Zazu)
(1995) Pocahontas (animator: Native Americans/English Settlers)
(1996) The Hunchback of Notre Dame (animator: Frollo)
(1998) Mulan (animator: Shan Yu, Hayabusa the Falcon, and the Hun Army)
(1999) Tarzan (additional animator)
(2002) Lilo & Stitch (animator: Stitch)
(2003) Brother Bear (animator: Koda)

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@dahbigfish wow! Love these sketches.

172 1 1


3551 S Jasper Way
Aurora, CO


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