Steve Sax 8*10 Autographed Color Photo W Extra Auto Card 2008 Nat.

4200 Bryant Irvin Rd Benbrook, TX
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This is a Steve Sax 8*10 Colored Photo with Free Auto card on the back of photo. This Autographed photo was purchased at the 2008 National Convention along with about 12 more pictures. We figured it was time to sell them to people who might want them.#photos

All GU cards sold have a $3 charge for shipping. DFWSPORTSCARDZ uses priority mail on all cards to ensure they get to that persons front door.

We have been on EBay for over 8 years and have a 100% positive feedback on all transactions.

The cats pictured here are mine. I just like for people to see them. They sit by me and watch everything I do. Pretty cool to watch them watch me.

54 0 0


4200 Bryant Irvin Rd
Benbrook, TX


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