Austrian Philharmonic 1 oz. Silver Coin

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Question for silver/coin collectors. Recently picked this up as a gift. Is it better to collect coins or bars/bullion in terms of base value & long term value increase???

This is an Austrian Philharmonic Silver Coin. The obverse design depicts at cello, violins, Vienna horn, bassoon and harp. The reverse shows the Great Organ of the Vienna Golden Hall, home of the Vienna Philharmonic orchestra.

Thickness: 3,2 mm
Diameter: 37mm
Weight: 31,103g / 1 oz.
purity: 999/1000
Metal: silver

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Certain bars/rounds have a higher premium over time so it all depends on which ones you buy. I buy mostly old silver coins. I find a higher resale value in those and have the chance of finding a rare coin for extra $$ @quroshi


@holaje I see. Sorta "u can't go wrong?" I think I'll start with 1 of each! Lol


It's basically a toss up. I collect both. Always feel currency is always wise. But bullion is a great investment. I love bars

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