Bag Bakery Purse

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Soft and comfortable to carry in your hands, this cute fabric coin purse is perfect for those quick visits to the store. The purse can also be used as a key pouch.

Available in a choice of fabrics, each purse is fully lined using a matching complementary fabric. The coin purse also features a metal kiss clasp in an antique brass colour. How nice to hear that satisfactory "click" when closing your purse. Totally adorable!

SIZE: 10cm wide at top, 15cm wide at bottom, 11.5cm high

MATERIAL: 100% cotton


Happy customers said this:

"I came home yesterday after a brief spell in hospital to find my beautiful Budleigh bag and purses had been delivered. I love them!! What a great welcome home. Thank you very much--I'll be sure to spread the word."

"Hello! My bag and purses were received today - I'll be back for Christmas presents this year!"

"I bought my purse at the Bag Bakery stall at Salamanca Market in Hobart and thought that it would be good to keep my phone and my credit cards inside my bag. I have actually started leaving my bag at home and instead taking only my purse out because it fits all the stuff that I need to take out with me and I don't have to tote a bag around everywhere. Everyone wants to know where I got my purse from."


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