Power Man #48

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#PowerMan #IronFist #FirstMeeting #LivingWeaponVSDiamondSkin #ThisIsTheBeginningOfABeautifulFriendship

First meeting between Luke Cage - Power Man and Danny Rand - Iron Fist.

Power Man has broken into the home of Danny Rand looking for Misty Knight but finds Colleen Wing instead. Attacking her, she calls Danny and Misty for help. The two arrive and Power Man finds himself more than outmatched due to Danny's fighting prowess.

However, Power Man eventually gains the upper hand and is about to choke Iron Fist to death when he stops himself. On top of all his other problems, Cage does not want to become a killer. With the battle ended, Power Man tells the others that he had come for Misty to save the two most important people in his life, and now that he's failed they're will surely die....

79 1 2


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