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Anacin (Enchantress Of The JunKle) is a spectacular wall piece that consists of two parts. First there is Anacin and second, her wall holster which is made from patina finished wood and hammered bronze plates. I made it thick and heavy as to support the weight of Anacin's hair. Her vintage factory mismatch wooden spindle legs dangle from wire and beads and are painted like striped stockings which also highlight hemp cord and fishing weights as painted and glittery shoes. Anacin's two kitty cats sit perched right in front of her throne. On the side is a tiny music box that plays a lovely tune and in the front is a tiny vintage Anacin tablet tin which I restored with acrylics. And wait until you get a peek at the tiny diorama inside that little tin! A treat!
Anacin's head was a very different Armande Marsaille porcelain head than any of his others that I had used in the past. It had a lot of wear n' tear. But it worked out perfectly with the vintage glass eyes, fresh water pearls, acrylics, beading and wire. Her hair consists of a variety of jungle colored dreads that are shaped, curled or braided in a many different styles. And it's fun to play with! I layered a myriad of head wraps with Anacin to add texture and finished them off with a green vintage button, golden brooch and a Laura Palmer pin and some tiny safety pins and then wrapped some hemp cord. Anacin's pet owl (the hand felted hooter) is pinned to the front of her head to keep a lookout for predators or delicious snacks like millipedes or cinnamon rolls. Her body consists of two adjoined vintage tins that I restored with acrylics and decorated with vintage buttons and sea urchin spines for teeny wings.
Anacin is a beautiful, interactive and sturdy wall sculpture who will not only keep you company, but will also be a topic of conversation at all of the social gatherings that you will be hosting!
Anacin can be purchased through my studio here in Denver, directly from me on Facebook, and should soon also be available in my Etsy shop.
Enjoy ~ Paul Moschell
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Talk about a conversation starter! People can't help but see this hanging in a room 😀




this looks really cool


Very creative!


wow! looks like she's wearing a voodoo priestess headdress 😳

311 6 5


7739–7799 E 1st Pl
Denver, CO


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