Funko Pop! 87 Ant-Man (w/ Mini Ant-Man)

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Collector Corps Exclusive.

As the #Marvel movie universe expands, they're actually looking smaller. Ant-Man may not be the biggest comic hero, both in size and popularity, but he's joining the ranks.

13 Ant-Man and Ant-thony (Pop! Rides)
85 #AntMan
85 Ant-Man (GITD) Hot Topic Exclusive
85 Ant-Man (Blackout) SDCC Exclusive
86 #Yellowjacket
86 Yellowjacket (GITD) Amazon Exclusive
87 Ant-Man w/ Mini Ant-Man (Collector Corps exclusive)
145 #GiantMan

#FunkoPop #Funko #CollectorCorps

43 0 0


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