X-Men #74

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In the tunnels beneath Manhattan, Marrow cares for her critically injured mentor Callisto, naively reciting a prayer to her idealized conception of Angel, who coincidentally flies down into the tunnels. He feels compelled to revisit the place where his wings were damaged by the Marauders. Meanwhile, as Logan discusses the Salem Center murders with Harry at his diner, Beast tests the abilities of Maggott outside Xavier's mansion. At one point, Maggott notices his slugs Eany and Meany have gone missing. Later, Logan does his own investigating into the string of killings.

In the tunnels, while Marrow leaves to get water, Callisto is visited by someone the she, in her delirium, imagines to be Colossus, and who injects her with some drug. As Angel recalls the traumatic events of the Morlock Massacre, he runs into the half-mad Abomination who has made his home in the sewers. Angel runs through the labyrinthine tunnels in an effort to evade the creature, and is seen by Marrow. She fearlessly attacks Abomination and leads him away from the place where Angel is cowering. Angel overcomes his panic, and confronts the Abomination who has cornered Marrow. Grateful for her attempt to save his life, Angel calls Marrow "beautiful", and Abomination turns to punch him, declaring that ugliness is more powerful than beauty. Angel, at his foe's mercy, tells them he, too, was once a monster, but only due to his self-perception. Taking advantage of the Abomination's distraction, Marrow hurls a pair of blades at the villain's eyes, temporarily blinding him. The Abomination leaves them for the depths of the sewers, and Angel learns Marrow's real name, Sarah. He then finds the blades she threw and realizes they are flechettes that had recently been part of his metal wings. She leaves Angel with a message etched in the wall: "Light never dies even in monsters."

35 0 1


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