'Jade' - New Assemblage Sculpture

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'Jade' - New Assemblage Piece
I am thrilled to introduce you to Jade. Jade is my latest assemblage wall sculpture. With greens, earth tones and a touch of tangerine, Jade is severing up some severe 70's. Jade has LONG hair in the fashion of Crystal Gayle that, as you can see, can quickly be styled into various looks for any occasion. It needs a VO5 Hot Oil treatment. Many strands hand wrapped with twine. She smokes Misty cigarettes and her favorite song is Right Down The Line by Gerry Rafferty (1978). Jade spent two years in a radical cult before becomimg a born again Christian. However, she only attends church on Easter, Halloween and Christmas. Jade is a mystic and a green eyed lady.
I started Jade with a vintage porcelain doll head. I painted and distressed a wooden block and a very old tea tin that features old portraits all the way around which I painted on with acrylics to add flowers and highlights. Her loose style dreads are hand twisted synthetic with blondes, browns and greens. Orange died and combed wool wrap around the top of her head and is set off with string and wooden embellishmeets. Micro beads, paperweight green glass eyes from Japan, acrylics, oil pastle, matte finishing spray and wooden bangles around her neck. She wears jade dangle earrings handed down to her by her mother. Resin, a vintage Catholic pin, a compass for when she is lost and a 1970's owl brooch. Jade's arms, hands and legs are porcelain and needed some restoring. She lost two toes in a motercycle accident so we did gold leaf on that foot. A precious bandage. Beads ripped from thrift store necklaces, thread spools, watch gears, more acrylics, portions cut from a vintage headband, various colors of wire, butterfly decals and hardware for hanging drilled into her back. And then a vintage novelty deer head that I wrapped and placed on wire so that it could be placed in her hair.
Jade is a large sculpture of a woman charting at 3 feet depending on how you style her hair. I hope that you enjoy Jade as much as I do. She was a lot of work. A very complicated woman. Right down the line.
Enjoy - Paul #assemblage #sculpture #paulmoschell #art #artist #studio #denver #dreads #doll #foundobjects #OoAK #oneofakind #creepy #odd #beautiful #character #tin #deer #boxes #hair #green #jade #collection #collector #gallery #BigAssHair

242 0 2


152 Spruce St
Denver, CO


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