Cable Vol. 2 #08 (2009)

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Contains the story "Waiting For The End Of The World: Chapter Two: Invasion, U.S.A."

Synopsis (contains spoilers):
Soldiers of the US Government broke through #NewLiberty's force field in the middle of the night, claiming to be a rescue party. #Cable is not happy to have been found.

He goes back to camp, hoping to slip out with the child without telling his wife, #Hope.

Back in present day San Francisco, the #XMen are having a standoff with #Bishop, who has planted nuclear bombs all around the globe at different points in the future. He ends up having to send #EmmaFrost in to tear Bishop's mind apart one synapse at a time.

In the future, before Cable can find the girl, he runs into one of the soldiers who tries to make him go to a central assembly. He fights back, and finds that the soldiers are all mutated cockroaches who breathe through their chests.

Emma can't torture Bishop any more, out of fear that she'll kill him. #Cyclops is perplexed about why Bishop would destroy the entire world.

Cable recruits some help from his neighbor, Griff, in trying to locate his daughter while fighting off the soldiers. He determines that the soldiers had at some point mixed their DNA with that of a roach in order to survive the hardships in the rest of the world. Griff wants to fight for New Liberty, but Cable knows he needs to escape. He finds that his wife, Hope has been captured, and he has to leave her as well as convince their daughter it's the best thing.

Bishop convinces Cyclops to go dig up a box that will tell him exactly why he's destroying the world.

Cable digs up his old uniform and weapons while the #CockroachSoldiers unleash their hive on the citizens of New Liberty.

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