1793 Flowing Hair Large Cent-- Rarest 1st Year Large Cent- PCGS!

Olympia, WA
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For sale is the Rarest Year of Large Cent I have-- a 1793 Flowing Hair large cent. This large cent is the oldest large cent ever minted!

--Professionally graded by PCGS in P/FR Condition--

---Very hard to find coin--

--Extremely rare and valuable coin.--

In this condition, this coin is worth around $3,000 according to The Red Book.

This 1793 large cent is a very difficult coin to find and is ideal for a rare coin collector!

Large cents were minted between 1793-1857-- The Liberty Cap Large Cents (1793-1796) are often hoarded, or very scarce to find, because of their rarity and how they're the first large cents to ever be minted!

--Ships fully insured with tracking and signature confirmation--

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Olympia, WA


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