Giveaway Number One

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Hey guys

This is two part giveaway with my boy ant you maybe know him from his awesome pictures skills and collection here on boxes

To win:

1 most be me one and @ant follower
2 like and repost this (tell your friends)
3 comment on this picture a number from 1 to 1000 by 07/10/16 (tomorrow)
We will be picking 2 numbers by 2 different people by random On @Ant or my picture
We are gonna use a online number generator

Who ever gets closer to the number will be the number one winner or if that person get the right number of course. Runners up win the second (who ever post the the same winning number by date and time wins)

#boxes #funkopop #giveaway #contest

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If I don't get enough comment on mine ( my fault ) we will pick the numbers from ant picture and you most be both our follower ( very important )

71 0 3


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