Wolverine Annual Vol. 3 #2 (2008)

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"He didn't make a sound. Not even a whimper. I've heard a lot of awful stuff in the past day or so. The cries. The screams. The roar. But you know what? The silence is the worst." -- Logan

Contains the story "Roar"

Featured Characters:
•#Wolverine (Logan)

Supporting Characters:
•Dina Wolkow (Appears in flashback and main story)

•Navajo Coyote (Appears in flashback and main story) (Death) (Origin revealed)

Other Characters:
•Woman & child in car
•Victor Doolittle (Only in flashback) (Death)
•Geologist & his crew (Death)
•Young girl hide in wardrobe

#Marvel #Annual #comics #firstprinting

59 0 0


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