'Nasty NayDeene' Assemblage Sculpture

152 Spruce St Denver, CO
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So, this piece will not be for everybody. And I rarely invoke political issues in my work. But I did this time. 'Nasty Naydeene' - New Assemblage Piece
I started in working on this wall assemblage sculpture the day before the women's march and after watching the events of that historic day I really camped out in my studio to finish off this piece. And I think the piece really speaks for it's self.
Nasty Naydeene is approx two feet tall and was built from a myriad of objects that I created or dug up in my studio. A porcelain doll head with black foam set behind the eyes, vintage children's cat eye glasses circa early 1950's, acrylic paints, twisted synthetic dreads in shades of pink, magenta and browns that I knotted and set in place, vintage wooden spools for her arms and legs that I painted and distressed, a solid wooden block sanded and stained with a denim colored pigment, an old silk rose and a funeral pin from the early 1900's attached to cut tablecloth fabric featuring pink flowers, an 'It's A Girl' pin circa 1960's, die cut lettering, carpet tacks, eye hooks, resin, a tiny plastic baby, plastic flower petals for her pussy, wire, beads, matte finishing spray and a mounting on the back for hanging.
I'm very pleased with this piece and grateful to the millions of people who marched around the world. Thank you for the inspiration.
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360 2 4


152 Spruce St
Denver, CO


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