Doctor Who - Van Gough Starry Night - Painted By Karen Clapp

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#DoctorWho #VanGough #StarryNight #AwesomeWife #AllMine #DontBlink #Tardis #HappyHusband

My wife loves going to Painting With A Twist and one night they were doing this painting, so she did it for me and it gave it to me that night. Totally awesome of her!! It's one of my most favorite paintings she has done. It's totally one of a kind as it's the only one done by her. I love it!!

Ha! I told my wife how many likes were on this and she said,"Shoot! If someone wants to buy it I'll paint you a new one." So there you go, it takes her 2 hours and the cost of the class to paint this so anyone that wants to make an offer is welcome.

204 4 3


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