Batman: Detective Comics: Faces Of Death Vol. 1 Graphic Novel

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In #BatmanDetectiveComicsFacesofDeath (collects #1-7), writer/artist #TonySDaniel explores the darkest, most twisted corners of #GothamCity as the DC Universe kicks off its startling new direction!

The #Joker has gone missing from #ArkhamAsylum and even #Batman cannot comprehend the grisly evidence the madman leaves behind. Something strange and terrible is happening in Gotham City, and it all seems to revolve around a new villain known as the #Dollmaker.

Now, Gotham's latest psychopath has kidnapped two more potential victims- a young innocent girl, and Police Commissioner Jim Gordon. To save them, Batman must offer up something more enticing to the Dollmaker as bait: himself.

Will the #DarkKnight be able to learn the secret of Dollmaker, his mysterious masters and their tie to the missing Joker? Or will Dollmaker take Batman apart piece by piece?

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joker looks completely insane on the cover, i gotta get this

53 1 0


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