Professional Home Whitening

120–298 Golden Rod Ln Henrietta, NY
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Professional Teeth Whitening Pen - 3-Pack "Premium Home Whitening's Teeth Whitening Pens contain a powerful, effective solution to whiten your teeth so you can enjoy a dazzling smile. Our professional strength whitening gel is easy to apply so you never have to worry about your smile. Perfect for touching up in between treatments, the Premium Home Whitening Teeth Whitening Pens are available as a 1- or 3-pack. (per pen: 2.5 grams product weight; solution 2 ml by volume)

Professional grade - the strongest gel available for home use
Compact, portable design is perfect for touch ups
Provides up to 10 treatments
Helps reduce the appearance of stains and discoloration
Helps prevent regression after in-office whitening
Made in the USA
Price 39$

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120–298 Golden Rod Ln
Henrietta, NY


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