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1201–1299 Bolden St NW Cairo, GA
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Here are my funkos. Not pictured are the duplicates of the mystery minis, but I will list them below.
Jon Snow: 4
Daenerys: 2
Arya: 6
Tyrion: 4
Joffrey: 4
Ned: 1
White walkers: 4
Ghost: 2
Shaggy: 3
Robbert: 3
Rhaegal: 3
Viserion: 5
Young Elsa: 1
I try to grab at least one mystery mini whenever I can, so I'll try to keep this page updated. #funko #gameofthrones #frozen


I found them maybe a little over a year a go, and I've been addicted ever since. I love them, too! The dragons are done really well. I especially love the really tiny one that Daenerys has on her arm. @clintwise


I didn't know they had mystery minis. I love the Game of Thrones ones! Especially the dragons

7 1 0


1201–1299 Bolden St NW
Cairo, GA


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