NECA Kenner Series 16 Spiked Tail Predator Action Figure

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The leader of the Rogue Space Tribe, Spiked Tail is allied with the Armored Lost and Lasershot Predators. Spiked Tail’s unorthodox hunting methods and use of illegal weapons caused the exile of his team from Yautja Prime. Using stolen time/space technology, the Space Tribe can travel much farther in the galaxy than most Yautja. This has allowed them to advance past hunting organic beings: they find non-organic mechanical beings to be more challenging prey and have modified their gear accordingly. Spiked Tail’s age is assumed to be considerable, thus many suspect that the robotic trophies he claims for ornamentation are actually physical enhancements necessary to keep him in capable condition. In addition to hunting robotic life, a mysterious rival Yautja ,the pirate called R’Zor, has threatened several Space Tribe missions and thus he has also become a target.


100 1 2


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