Scouts with Sniper Rifles 1

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My urban camo scout sniper space marines from the Omega Legion. They wear a subdued version of their chapter colors (black, red, gold, white) and are camouflaged for hiding in buildings, as they often do in games. I didn't think it made sense for someone who almost always is lurking in a ruin somewhere to have a woodland camo pattern on their cloak.

The squad leader, with his rifle up in the air, has a conversion to remount the scope on his rifle, which doesn't come that way in the kit, and have his other hand hold a pair of binoculars instead of the detached scope. I had to mold two of his fingers out of green stuff so his whole hand would be gripping the binoculars and overall I think it turned out well.

#warhammer40k #spacemarines #40k #warhammer

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