Most Of My Xbox360 And PS3 Games

Baytree Towne Cir E Jacksonville, FL
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This is my #collection of #Microsoft #Xbox360 and #Sony #PS3 #Games. All of my #Nintendo #wii games are either #digital or #CD-R based ( I personally can't stand motion controls which is the reason I cancelled my order of the new #Wiiu #starfox #Game ) I don't care to own any pysical copies of Wii games with the only exception being #nights journey of dreams.

Sidenote: WiiU and #GameCube games will be pysical copies which are still a work in progress at the moment.


@juzztn Jesus what a total waste of money. Did u or parents buy these. Dear lord. 2% of those r good. But No lost odyssey? Any other JRPGs not named


pretty nice size collection you got there

62 0 2


Baytree Towne Cir E
Jacksonville, FL


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