Civil War: The Return Vol. 1 #1 (2007)

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Part of the 'Civil War' event.

Synopsis (may contain spoilers):
With a massive breakout having occurred in the #Wonderland maximum security prison in the #NegativeZone, one of the soldiers guarding the base reports to the warden about what to do. The warden, turns out to be #CaptainMarvel. #MarVell decides to ponder over his actions, and recalls how he came to be the warden of this prison.

He recalls being drawn to a temporal anomaly that transported him to the early days of the #CivilWar. Appearing before the Sentry, Mar-Vell is brought to #IronMan and #MrFantastic. Coming to the conclusion that he's dead in this future time, Mar-Vell agrees to be the warden in the Negative Zone so that he doesn't see too much of the future.

However, caught between inaction, and doing what he believes to be right, Mar-Vell decides to once more don his quantum bands and charge into battle.

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