Spy Hunter NES Complete In Box

Baytree Towne Cir E Jacksonville, FL
40 1 1

This copy of Spy Hunter is complete right down to it's original styrofoam insert

The #NES version of the #Spy #Hunter #arcade #game has extremely #buggy #collision #detection. If the road turns, the #car will not #crash if it remains pointed straight. It is possible to #drive for hours over dirt, rocks, river banks, etc. If the car's tires are slashed while near the top of the screen, the car will often spin off the top of the screen and reappear at the bottom. The car becomes #indestructible and can drive anywhere on the #screen without being #damaged, but the car's #weapons no longer function.


This game was great!

40 1 1


Baytree Towne Cir E
Jacksonville, FL


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