"Phive" The Disco Daughter Of Mother Nature

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''Phive" (Full Album & Details)
This is Phive the disco daughter of Mother Nature. She is a girl, a woman, a shrine, a goddess. She represents all that is beautiful and has a good beat.
Phive started off with these spectacular, red 1970's children's glasses that I found in Athens Greece. And then we go to her hair which has become a natural habitat for many delights. Her hair is a solid mass of hand felted balls in many shapes and colours. Some as large as a tennis ball. Many of them beaded and embroidered. Her hair took FOREVER (weeks). It holds a vintage bird named Tweet Heart who is her faithful companion. I adorned Tweet Heart with paints, beads and feathers. Elsewhere in her hair you can find beads, a compass, skull, monkey, eyeball, fruits and two knitting needles that I wrapped with various colours of hemp cord.
Phive wears vintage disco dangle earrings. She likes how they shimmy. Glittery blue beaded eyeshadow sits upon her vintage blinking mechanical eyes. Then we as some wire, beads, a vintage mosaic brooch, sea urchin spines, green bone beads, old plastic buttons, costume jewelry, a Debbie Harry pin and a vintage frosted cherry.
Phive comes in two pieces. Her head and body which is porcelain and a very old thick metal container with a solid wood kind of cork. The bottom portion of this piece is a very large and very old peanut can that I embellished with very old transfers of butterflies and moths, acrylic paints and pencil and then sealed with a matte finish. A colourful toy, tin bird rests on a spool of painted thread which I painted and also adorned with beading. He is her protector.
Phive was a labor of love. She represents love and loveliness. She stands over 3 feet tall and is a very large piece for me. I hope that you enjoy her.
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very creative


u are so talented!


@conniemay @tuttles Thank you 🙏🏻💜


she is such a beauty


wow this is gorgeous

123 3 3


7700 E 1st Pl
Denver, CO


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