Mighty Orbots: Magnetic Menace (1984, VHS, Vintage)

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Vintage animation on VHS!!!
The Magnetic Menace (Story by Michael Reaves & Kimme Ringwald)
Original air date: 8 September 1984

This episode introduces the Orbots. Bo and Boo are delighted to discover that the ship they have just rescued from a meteor shower belongs to Dragos and Drax, a pair of popular robot rock musicians en route to a concert on the Moon. Bo convinces Boo to use her invisibility power to allow the two of them to sneak backstage before the concert to get "acquainted" with Dragos and Drax. Unfortunately, the musicians are really Shadow agents in disguise, and they lull Bo and Boo into a trance with their hypnotic music. During the concert, Dragos and Drax perform the function for which Umbra sent them; their music creates a magnetic monster, which begins a rampage. Dia, who was also at the concert, captures the Shadow agents and frees Bo and Boo, but the monster is already attacking Earth, where it attracts metal and steadily grows stronger. The Orbots attempt to intercede, but the creature is made of magnetic fields and the Orbots are made of metal; this is, as Tor puts it, "a bad combination." They are themselves absorbed into the growing monster. As the monster continues to attract metal, Earth will soon be defenseless, and open to Shadow invasion!

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414 0 3


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