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"You're a Horrible Person, but I Like You" with Sarah Silverman, Zach Galifianakis, Fred Armisen, Judd Apatow, and many more: ($2)

"Love Talk Starters 275 Questions to Get Your Conversation Going" by Les and Leslie Parrot: ($2)

"Real Simple Weddings" ($4)

"Bridal Guide Jan/Feb 2011 issue magazine": ($2.50)

"Brides November 2010 issue magazine": ($2.50)

"Sugar n' Cream Crochet patterns Chicken Kitchen": (.50)

"Vocal Selections from The Jungle Book": ( .50)

"How Things Happen in Three! Scriptbook" by Tom Behm: ($1)

"Crochet Home -Tiny Treasures magazine"
( .50)

"Easy Calligraphy- The ABCs of Hand Lettering" by Judy Ramsey: ($5)

"Monologues for Young Actors" by Lorraine Cohen: ($2)

"Hooked on Crochet- Slippers": ( .50)

"Madeline VHS" FREE with any purchase

"Between Two Kingdoms" by Joe Boyd ( $1)

"Lady Catherine's Necklace" by Joan Aiken: ($2)

"New York Book of Tea- Where to Take Tea and Buy Tea and Teaware" ($2)

"How to Study - A Practical Guide from a Christian Perspective" ($1.50)

"Rhinehart Editions Gulliver's Travels" by Jonathan Swift" ($2)

"Sundays at Tiffany's" by James Patterson ($1.50)

"Star of Light" by Patricia St. John ($1)

"The Dark at the Top of the Stairs" scriptbook by William Inge ($2.50)

"Wedding Babylon- Confessions of a Wedding Planner" by Imogen Edwards-Jones and Anonymous : ($1.50)

"Star Wars Episode 1 Journal Queen Amidala" ($3)

"Wonderfully Made - Devotional Thoughts on Becoming a Beautiful Woman of God" ($2)

"Madame Bovary" -Popular Classics Library Edition by Gustave Flaubert ($2.50)

"Bad Seed" scriptbook by Maxwell Anderson: ($1.50)

"Feeding the Flock" church recipe compilation ($1)

"Senior Year 2008" Memory Book ($1)

"Phonetic Readings of Songs and Arias textbook - second edition with revised German Transcriptions" by Berton Coffin, Ralph Errolle, Werner Singer, and Pierre Delattre: ($10)

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