Casige No. 2 Toy Sewing Machine

418 Hope Dr Middletown, DE
21 2 2

The Casige No. 2 Toy Sewing machine! A 100 year old beauty. Completely original. This was given to me by my grandmother before she passed away. She knew I loved sewing machines & fashion. Before I had no idea what the name of it was. Doing the research on it, I discovered it to be a rare gem. Out of all the other sewing machines, particularly the Toy sewing category this one stands out. Because of its "front facing wheel" it gives it a unique look and why it has become the most sought after rare antique for collectors and admirers of these beauty's ever since. I've decided to showcase it on Boxed for all to see! Enjoy 😄

#Sewing #antique #rare #casige #100yearold #frontfacingwheel




Wow its in excellent shape

21 2 2


418 Hope Dr
Middletown, DE


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