Creepy Eerie Pumpkin Doll Morgana

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This is Morgana. One fall night Morgana was playing out in the yard with her dolly, mr. Peepers. It was the night of the black pumpkin moon. Morgana's mother told her to come inside as strange things always happen on the night of the black pumpkin moon. But Morgana disobeyed her mother's orders. As the light of the pumpkin moon opened up from the skies the moon light hit Morgana's face. The curse of the black pumpkin moon was now on her. At that moment she was forever. Her face turned into that of the pumpkin and to this day she remains that way.

Morgana measures 16 inches tall. She has cloth head & body with porcelain limbs

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Thanks everyone! 😊


You're so amazing 👌


Nice work.


The pumpkin face was very creative :)


@simon_e_rios thanks! That's her dolly mr peepers 😁


Love the little skeleton you gave her!

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